The End Of Summer

It’s not all a bad thing. When you’re an adult you generally work year-round, so fall simply signifies a change of weather, and perhaps kids going back to school, which is universally considered a good thing by all the parents I know.

For me, I’m not sure if the change of weather is the cause of not, but fall brings about an increase in creative energy. For those of you who may remember a little site named, you may or may not have noticed that the site fell into some disrepair. I am currently in the process of correcting that. I’m giving the site a new layout and structure, but I’ll keep the background image and font type you’ve seen in the past. You’ll read it here when it’s completed.

Also, a few months ago I took over maintaining Tribal Forces‘ website, and I promised a members-only area where we could share files we don’t want public. I have not forgotten that promise. I am currently working on getting that set up.

And of course, still writing. Have almost reached the 70k-word mark on Gypsy Fiddle, and it finally begins to feel like it’s downhill from here. I know I want at least 30k more words, but things are starting to come together in a way that I can see the end, I can see the threads all beginning to weave together.

On a more personal note, I will be getting my passport this year, so all of you friends across the ocean, check your calendars for 2011, because the wolf is going on tour!

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