I’ll procrastinate tomorrow

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When I got home today, I had the usual plan of typing up all the writing I did on my breaks at work. It’s usually what I do when I come home from work, and yet, it was a while before I even began.

I have purchased the largest bundle of kale I have ever witnessed. I’ve never prepared kale, though I have eaten it. I have spent some time looking at what has become the elephant in the refrigerator, and have not yet built up the courage to do something with it. I welcome kale-preparation suggestions.

In other news, I have discovered that acrylic paint has a wider spray radius than I would’ve expected, had I even thought of such a thing happening. Due to a tiny tube of black acrylic with a too-tough foil neck and a too-weak tube bottom, a squeeze that was meant to squirt the paint onto the palette, jizzed it all over the wall and ceiling instead. I now have black speckled walls. I purchased a substance designed to remove such things, but it was stripping the wall and leaving the black intact.

I see a wall painting party in my future.

What unexpected things have you learned lately?

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