No, this has nothing to do with blue skinned aliens. When the internet will be busy taking part in NaNoWriMo, Ingrid Díaz will be starting her NaNoEdMo, and most people will be celebrating what they call ‘November’, on November 1st I will begin NaViPlaMo, otherwise known as National Violin Playing Month.

There’s no flashy website commemorating this, and you don’t get badges – hell, I don’t get badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges! I’m not even inviting anybody else to take part. Just to bear witness. I stopped taking violin  lessons on a weekly basis back in June. I was supposed to take a month or two off, tops, but instead, here I still am.

I picked up my fiddle the other day and it sounded kind of like shit on a hot day, if shit had a sound that were somehow made more foul at higher temperatures. I have no intention of being the next (insert name of popular violinist of your choice here, mine are probably pretty obscure), but I do want to enjoy the act of playing, and if I can’t stand the sound of it, we’re going nowhere fast.

So, once I finish wrangling the wolves of Harrisburg into something that makes sense and finish my damn manuscript, I will pick up the violin again. You’re all witnesses!

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