Of friends, family and cute singing boys…


My BFF Ingrid just posted a very open and heartfelt post about the process of coming to terms with her sexuality over at her blog. It revealed things that I never knew and things I had forgotten. It made me a little sad to think that even though we’ve always loved each other very much, we were too scared to reveal our most worrying secrets.

But the past made us who we are, and who we are is awesome.

The first time I told my grandparents I was bisexual, they thought I needed to be corrected on my use of the language. In their defence, I was very young. But I didn’t need to be told the distinction between platonic ‘like’ and its nonplatonic counterpart (two different terms in Spanish). I knew what I was saying. But from that point on I also knew it was bad and I needed to keep it a secret.

Later on, as a teenager, I flat out told my grandparents I was bisexual. They cried. They told me that I shouldn’t say things like that where anyone could hear me. That if my friends knew, they would abandon me. Keep in mind those friends included Ingrid, how ironic.

Today I read a post by her where she drew a ‘portrait’ of me. She filled it with references to our old inside jokes and I really missed her then. But I printed out the drawing and pinned it to my cubicle wall. 😀

Okay, so I did promise a cute singing boy. I’ve been obsessing over the music of Casey Stratton. I heard his stuff thanks to Pandora.com but it took me a while to go beyond the one song ‘Opaline’. I’m updating from my mobile phone so I’m going to try to attach media to this post, but if it doesn’t work I will fix it when I’m at my computer.

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