The Neverending Story

I spent 10+ years working on my first novel attempt. So much so, that by the end of it all I was no longer the same person who started writing, and I no longer knew what the hell I was trying to say. So I gave that up. Wrote it up as a learning experience.

I floundered for a while, jumping from project to project until in November 2008 (yes, my first and only NaNoWriMo experience) I began working on a little urban fantasy titled Gypsy Fiddle. It’s now almost spring 2011, but I have a manuscript. It’s complete. It has a beginning, middle and a resolution. But it’s not quite finished. And here’s where I struggle.

Should I rewrite nearly a fourth of the story because I have a hunch that I can make it better? Or do I leave well enough alone and hope for the best while bracing for endless rejections? I suppose the answer to that will only be revealed in the doing.

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