Post-Apocalypse Picture Series #1 – I’m a playa.


So, the apocalypse came and went and nobody noticed. Sometime during the weekend, I downloaded a new app for my Android phone, which turns the camera into various retro cameras. I took this picture with the camera named ‘FudgeCan’, but don’t ask me what the hell that means. It’s the screen of my netbook while I play World of Darkness online. The picture is partially a Nosferatu vampire. I don’t really play Vampire: the Masquerade anymore. I’ve been getting more into Changeling (both The Dreaming and The Lost) and of course, Werewolf is an old standard.

RPGs are actually pretty central to my creative process, even when I don’t do so much actual gaming. I’ve never written a novel without creating the characters within a game setting first. I’ve tried, but I haven’t gotten very far with such attempts.


Dance all Night

Did not make this. Don't know who made this.On Saturday, while waiting for the much talked-about Raptor, my friends and I went to the Musikfest Café in Bethlehem, PA for Scythian’s new album release/end of the world party. Their new album, American Shanty, is their first album comprised of all original material. Though in true folk fashion they are influenced by various styles and work traditional tunes into their compositions.

It is truly an eclectic album, with Irish rock following New Orleans zydeco and big band-country. Toss in a dash of Ukrainian and Bulgarian folk music and you have a solid album that will fit almost anybody’s music collection.

And finally, after many years of following this band around, they have recorded a studio version of my theme song, which I first heard at Celtic Fling 2008 and immediately fell in love with this band. The title of this song is ‘Cubicles and Tylenol’. Because I work in a cubicle and it often leads me to needing Tylenol.



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