The past; now with 100% more dragons!


Dude, where’s my summer?

It’s May here in Pennsylvania, and the temperature keeps fluctuating between muggy and almost warm and it’s frakking May already, wtf? Still, I won’t complain much, given the weather I grew up in and cheerfully fled six years ago.

Still, part of me misses the tropics, if only the part where I get to lie on the beach drinking rum rather than live and work in San Juan. Maybe someday I’ll be a rich beach bum.

In the meantime, the world has been interesting this week, hasn’t it? In a nutshell, though, my feelings (for the record, my Swype keyboard tried twice to write ‘felons’ until I finally gave up and touch-typed it) about it all can be summed up as: Are you frakking kidding me??

Moving right along. Last week I attended a reading by Glen Retief of his memoir, The Jack Bank. The event was entertaining, mostly thanks to Glen’s charisma. I just finished reading the book and it was a wholly satisfying experience. I highly recommend it. It’s also available on Kindle.

It got me thinking about my own past and how little of it I remember or care to remember. I asked Glen at the reading if it was ever difficult to revisit those memories. I admit I don’t immediately recall his answer (it has been a week, after all) but I still ask myself the question. Could I ever willingly unveil repressed memories? A few weeks ago I blogged about journaling, and my central thesis was my lack of interest in writing for the sock drawer. If I ever write a ‘memoir’ it would have to be as a publishable project. And perhaps one day, when I’m old and no longer hurt from emotional scars, I will write that memoir, and it will even be fascinating.

For a while I have idly toyed with the idea of writing a fictional memoir, not about a fictional character, but about me, to rewrite my past into a version I can live with. It might even be therapeutic. Fill in the blanks where the real memory has been carefully deleted and purged.

Originally, this post was supposed to be about gaming. Go figure. To make up for that, here’s a picture of a dragon.

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