I believe in vogons

If you’d asked me two months ago what the worst thing about unemployment would be, I may have answered with ‘economic uncertainty’, ‘shame’, or ‘lack of health insurance’.

After a month of unemployment, I can honestly say the worst part is the paperwork. I’ve lost track of how many forms I’ve had to fill out.

The latest one, unemployment insurance on a medical loan I took out in 2008, is a blessing in disguise – if that disguise was put together by the Weta makeup department. I’m pretty sure goblins are involved. Or at the very least, vogons.

Since I didn’t work for my last employer for a full 12 months, the insurance company, in its infinite wisdom, requires the employer before that to fill out a page as well. I don’t understand the purpose, but if I want my insurance benefit, I better put on my big boy panties and get it done.

An interesting, if only tangentially related tidbit. I used to take Zoloft on a regular basis for the past year or so. Since I’ve been jobless, I came off it and I actually don’t need it at all. Coincidence? I think not.

I think I may be on to something, but I need a little help finding the perfect day job for me. Don’t worry, the novels are still being written. Terra Paradox is coming along nicely, with great feedback from my Super Secret Posse of Beta Readers. I still need to finish the first draft and then go back for some serious editing, but I think we can expect completion within a couple of months.

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