Worldbuilding: Doing It Wrong

Worldbuilding is one of my favourite aspects of writing fiction. I love playing with the what ifs of history, inventing new civilisations and interesting lands.

Normally, I spend months putting everything together even as I write, but with my current work in progress I now realise I cheated.

I didn’t know I was cheating. When I started my YA book, Terra Paradox, I meant to combine two worlds I had already constructed for previous stories. I was ready to make it work. Inter-dimensional travel? Cakewalk!

What I ended up realising was that the very laws of physics of one world and the other did not match. And now, with my first draft nearly completed, I have to rewrite the laws of physics and then somehow edit the story so that it all works.

I did it ass backwards. That’s what I get for cutting corners.

When I have it all figured out it will kick ass, though.

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