Twixt, by Sarah Diemer

TwixtTwixt by Sarah Diemer
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Like in Sarah’s first novel, The Dark Wife, the core of Twixt is redemption, the idea that any of us, no matter our pasts or what others believe us to be, can be redeemed. And that love can bring out the best in us. But Twixt is a much different story than The Dark Wife.

In Twixt, we begin with a mystery. Who is the girl who appeared in the ice and snow, covered in blood? She doesn’t remember. A girl named Charlie finds her, explains about the world of Twixt, about Abeo City. Nobody in Twixt remembers who they are… unless they take Nox, an addictive drug that slowly destroys them. They purchase Nox with clumps of their own hair, though nobody really knows why.

Just when I thought I had the mystery figured out, the story’s twist took me by surprise. When it was finally revealed what was going on, I let out a sudden ‘Oh, wow!’ as I read. Few books have done that for me. The action scenes are suspenseful and masterfully written, and the characters are all so distinct and real. Diemer has only gotten better since The Dark Wife, as you will see when you read Twixt. I love both books, I recommend reading them both if you haven’t, but she definitely kicked it up a notch with Twixt.

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