Of Plans and Broken Cars

wpid-20130729_173303.jpgThat’s what my Puddle Jumper looks like right now. This is not a new injury, but the previous fix gave up the effort. Now the part must be replaced, but in the meantime, this is what we’re driving.

Sometimes I tell myself I should write comedy. Take the above, for example. It happened, because it must, in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. Since I moved recently, things in my car were not all where they should be, so my trusty roll of duct tape was nowhere to be found. MacGyver would be disappoint. I had to drive for 17 miles in the pitch dark, scraping the road before me, hearing gravel ping against the guts of my little Asian import. I was able to find an open truck stop, thus I was able to purchase tape. Then I was able to drive two hours to get home.

In other news, been hard at work on a few writing projects, but nothing finished. The time for FaerieCon fast approaches, so time and money will go to that.

I am currently between books. Any suggestions?

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