The Demon Gabriella, by Rachel Calish

I’m feeling a little under the weather, so I hope I can do this book justice. I really enjoyed the book. It was fun and sexy. This is a sequel to The Demon Abraxas, which I haven’t read, but it stands up well enough on its own. I was given enough highlights throughout to not feel lost.

We start with Ana, who is now the host of the demon Abraxas. Due to events in the first book, they are now being hunted by a more powerful demon named Ashmedai. Helping Ana are her girlfriend Sabel, a Hecatine witch with amazing powers, Lily, a Sangkesh half demon with talons for feet, and Lily’s daughter Gabriella, Brie for short. Brie is a demon of lust, what we commonly know as a succubus. Together, and joined for a while by Ana’s brothers Gunnar and Mack, they go on a cross-country journey to defeat Ashmedai once and for all.

One of my favourite things about the worldbuilding in this book was how Calish described magic in the modern world. I love modern fantasy, and the way Sabel visualized the universe to do her magic really stood out for me. The demonology was also really interesting, which we learn as Ana does, since she’s the newest in the group to come into the magical paradigm. There was a bit of an American Gods vibe to the mythology. I found myself liking everyone, even adversaries. There was always something interesting about them and something interesting going on.

An important plotline in the book revolves around a magical leash worn by Sabel. It was put on her by the witches of her order to prevent demonic possession. The unfortunate side effect is that it prevents her from having sex with Ana, who is host to a demon. Brie, who can’t have sex without feeding on somebody’s essence and potentially killing them unwillingly, wonders if she can take this leash for herself and if it will work to stop her from killing. The question is, how to get it off Sabel? What they do and how it turns out sets the stage for further books. I already went back and bought The Demon Abraxas, which I’ll read next.


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RC-DemonGabriella-CoverAbout the book:  Surviving an onslaught of dark forces took talent, strength—and allowing the Demon Abraxas into the world. Now Sabel Young’s order wants her to answer for her actions. All Sabel wants is the freedom to love the woman she rescued, Ana Khoury.
Nearly killed—and worse—in a world of magic she didn’t know existed, Ana is nursing new scars and old. Her brother wants to journey to South Dakota to confront their shared past before that opportunity is lost forever. The centuries-old feud between the demons and witches isn’t going to stop Ana from going with him.
Sabel knows there’s nowhere that Ana can go that evil won’t follow and she fears their newest ally, the Demon Gabriella, is a more profound danger than their enemies.
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About the author: Rachel Calish lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota because it’s so cold you just have to sit inside and write novels. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Writing degree by writing stories about sexy demons. A fan of games of all kinds, you can find her playing anything from the lat- est video game releases to Checkers with half the pieces missing. Under the name Rachel Gold, she writes LBGTQ Young Adult fiction.
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