The Know: Preservation, by Ed Kurst

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The Know-Preservation


Oh, the places you’ll go.

John Preston is dying. But this isn’t a depressing death book, by any means. The reason Preston is dying is tied to his unique genetic heritage, the same heritage that allows him to just Know things he shouldn’t be able to know. In a bit of Matrix-fu, he can see where bullets will be in time to dodge them, and where his target will be at the precise moment he pulls the trigger. But every time he uses his ability, he grows weaker.

One day, passing out from the pain, he finds his mind traveling thousands of years into the past, where he meets the first one with this Know ability, a woman named Tril. Tril has seen a catastrophe take place in the distant future, and has devised a plan to prevent it. This plan begins with the first great human migration from Africa and across the world.

First off, I love when authors play around with human evolution. Kurst gives us glimpses of various descendants of Tril, and how they carried on the Know and the directive to spread out over the world. These descendants Know basically what Tril Knew, but also have their own unique situations that help or hinder the big plan.

Because of his little time travel walkabout, Preston blips on the radar of others with the Know ability. On one hand, a group of scientists experimenting with a CERN-like device, headed by an unknown descendant of Albert Einstein himself. On the other, the Consortium, a cabal of ruthless people using their ability to control the world. Once Preston gets roped in, the conflict between these two factions escalates. They Know the catastrophe is imminent, but while some hope to stave it off or avoid it altogether, others are trying to use it for personal gain.

Preston uses his tactical experience to aid the scientists in defending their lab and preserving Tril’s plan to save the world. This is an action-packed book which doesn’t skimp on exposition but maintains a good balance with both. There is a good bit of intrigue, with people on both sides playing double agent, and some cool tech toys thrown in. Things ramp up when Preston finds that the only way to proceed is the most dangerous path for them all. But after all he’s been through, and all he Knows, putting his life on the line makes the most sense for him. With the catastrophe drawing near, it’s not the time for half-measures.

As far as the science of it all, I’m no expert, but within the context of the book the science makes sense and nothing I read jolted me out of the story. The intrigue kept me guessing, not knowing whom or what to trust, and Preston is an engaging protagonist. I really look forward to what comes next in this series.


About the Book

3-D CoverJohn Preston set aside the easy bullet that would end his certain lingering death. He now Knew too much. His mind had just returned from a wild ride tens of thousands of years into the past where he witnessed three primitive humans divining a path to save humankind from a global fiery catastrophe. What John now Knew might cure him but could also require he shred the very fabric of time and space.

John’s quest for answers will thrust him into the lead role to confront the Consortium, a cabal of eight families with the power to Know the future and the past. Guided by John’s latent Know ability and a 70,000 year old prophecy, he sets out on a path for his own salvation. Success will mean life, failure…a cruel doom for all humankind.

Preservation is the first book in the Know Trilogy which wraps a new theory of space-time, humankind’s evolution, millennia old conspiracies, and imminent global destruction around a broken man’s redemption, an evil man’s reckoning and a driven woman’s unique destiny.



About the Author

Author Photo IMG_1186 (2)Ed Kurst’s life as a child was a nostalgic bit of Americana, with two married parents, one sibling, and a pet beagle. They didn’t even lock their cars. The only thing missing was the proverbial white picket fence, but their neighbor did build a split rail one from seasoned logs.
As a kid, Ed frequented a neighborhood library, accessed by a spiral staircase to the second floor of an old brick building. It was a wondrous place to a curious child. Hardback novels were stacked from floor to ceiling and nestled in every nook and cranny of the library’s dusty shelves. Tolkien, Lovecraft, and Asimov were his first and favorite fantasy and science fiction authors. In between reading these classics, he devoured every book about dinosaurs and astrophysics his young mind could comprehend.
These early literary influences eventually led him to study a pre-med, engineering curriculum with a special focus on the psychology and physiology of the human brain. Eager to get out in the real world, and not spend six more years in school, he decided to pursue the engineering side of his interests. He didn’t completely abandon his calling for medicine. But getting an EMT qualification and occasionally riding an ambulance at night seemed to satisfy that urge.
Ed Kurst’s engineering vocation led him to live and work in five European countries and several places in the United States. During the last decade of a varied career, he settled in the US Gulf Coast and specialized in leading diverse technical teams to implement new technology and develop mega engineering projects. Once retired, he turned his attention to other pursuits.
One fateful month, about eight years ago, he was reading all he could about the CERN particle accelerator, the migration of homo sapiens out of Africa, the demise of the Neanderthals, and epigenetics. He also was reacquainting himself with his favorite fantasy and science fiction authors. Voilà, The Know trilogy was born! The first book—The Know: Preservation—is due for publication in 2016. The second—The Know: Evolution—is in draft form and scheduled for 2017. The last in the series—The Know: Salvation—should follow in 2018. And, another novel—The Fae—is in progress as well. It’s packed full of strange and wonderful fantasy creatures that live and love and scheme right under our very noses!
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