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13 Candles: Halloween Tales of Tricks and Transformation

Here’s an excerpt from my story currently available in 13 Candles: Halloween Tales of Tricks and Transformation, an anthology benefiting Global Giving, an international organization that provides funds directly to local charities in communities that need it most.

The Fiddler’s Fall, a Crossroads tale

Everyone knows you should never make a deal with the devil.  But when a mysterious new fiddler comes to town, Tyn can’t resist the competition, and it’s up to Dan to find out the truth before the violinist he loves loses the contest–and his soul. In the first short story set in …

Boldly Go

“I don’t have religion, I have Star Trek.” I grew up watching The Next Generation, admiring Captain Picard and everything the Federation stands for. I have to believe that one day humanity will leave greed behind. That we will work not for the acquisition of wealth but for the betterment …

From the Archives: Exile

I have uploaded a really old tale written by me, called Exile. This story was one of my first ‘faerie tales’, and my first exploration into the hidden realm of Faerie. It is set in San Juan, Puerto Rico, my old stomping grounds. Enjoy.

A new endeavour

An idea came into my head as I worked on my current project. This setting would make for a great d20 modern Role Playing Game! Modeling this on Dungeons and Dragons, the system I am most familiar with, I’m rewriting the rules of magic altogether. I have four base races, …

Short Story: Elfsong

I’ve looked over my archives for another short story to share with you all. I found one which just needed a couple of tweaks and an ending, so I’ve posted it under Short Tales for you all. It’s called ‘Elfsong‘. Enjoy.

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