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Nomadic Soul

I’ve lived in Harrisburg, PA for roughly seven years now. I think that’s just about long enough. Unfortunately, I must remain at least one more year because of reasons. That’s fine, I can deal. The truth remains that relocating for me, while mentally and emotionally easy, is logistically more complex …

New Directions

It’s been a while since I blogged here. For days I pondered on that, trying to figure out what I should blog about, so I figured I might as well fill you in on why I haven’t updated. The short-short version is I quit my job, spent two amazing weeks …


Post-Apocalypse Photo Series #3 – Tornadogeddon

Nasty weather in Harrisburg last night. Driving home was like running a maze. Jumper 1 did great, though, even over all the debris, under fallen power lines, and over sidewalks to get around fallen trees. But today, the sun is shining, and it’s Friday. Just a few interesting links for …

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