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The Demon Gabriella, by Rachel Calish

I’m feeling a little under the weather, so I hope I can do this book justice. I really enjoyed the book. It was fun and sexy. This is a sequel to The Demon Abraxas, which I haven’t read, but it stands up well enough on its own. I was given …

Devil Music Cover

Sympathy for the Devil

Put on your favourite heavy metal album, pour yourself a drink and relax into the story of an unlikely hero. Remember when hair bands became a thing, and parents across the country cried out against the evils of ‘devil music’? It’s the early 1980’s and Cain Pseudomantis has just erupted into …

The Place Where Dreams Live

My writing process is very straightforward, if anything about fantasy fiction can be described as such. A novel is born out of a character’s biggest fear or desire, which is usually gleaned from a single concept, image, or question. I usually know what the story’s about and who the character …


Fish Tales

This is George, my betta. He’s been with me for a few months and hasn’t died yet, like his predecessor Fred, so I must be doing something right. He has two castles he likes to swim in and out of, and a silk plant because his live one rotted. I …

art by Amy Brown

Post-Apocalypse Photo #2 – Faerie Rapture

This photo was taken by an Android retro camera called ‘Little Yellow Box’. I captured this little one flitting about my desk, like she didn’t happen to have a million better places to be than the cesspool of banality that is the cubicle farm. I managed to engage her in …

Yes, indeed. READ THIS.

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Origins: Elves

In the early stages of plotting a novel, particularly one where worldbuilding of any sort is needed, I spend a lot of time hammering out details which may or may not end up being entirely ignored when the novel itself is finished. The devil is certainly in the details, and …

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